We found some fun pieces at a thrift shop. They just needed some color!

We did a German smear finish on this faux brick that was already in the space.

It’s easy, all you need is spackle and a spreader…..and lots of time.

We have several murals throughout.


My uncle is a taxidermist and I decided to give one of his finished deer a makeover. He had named him Elvis. Elivis’ owner never came back to pick him up. His loss is our gain.

Meet Elvira…our drag deer.

The old couch we found at a thrift shop needed some love and some pops of color. I used Tulip fabric shot dye to stencil some designs on it. It was a mess and the dye stayed on my hands for a couple of days, but the end result is nothing short of awesome.

More to come…..stay tuned!